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School assembly programs and magic shows with Jeff Evans.

“Discover the Easiest Way to Bring a
Successful Assembly to Your Students”

Finding great assemblies is a tough job. You know… a program that delivers a powerful educational message, yet is also incredibly entertaining. In the best cases, the motivation to learn carries on long after the show is over. For some students a great program infuses them with the desire to learn—it can be a turning point in their life. 

Count on Jeff Evans to deliver just that kind of assembly program for your school as he does for thousands of students each week at elementary schools throughout Washington and Oregon. 

Choose from Jeff’s three motivational
assemblies to best fit your school’s needs. 

Take your pick from Jeff’s three motivational programs or his Family Night Magic Show.  Each one is completely different, making them ideal repeat or companion bookings.  You choose the one that best fits your school’s focus. 

Science Magic is an interactive mix of science and magic. Students are exposed to the characteristics of solids, liquids, and gases. The properties of air pressure, static electricity, center of mass, and density are visually demonstrated. Some experiments can be duplicated at home or in the classroom. This assembly is an ideal lead-in to your Science Fair, or just as a way to show students that learning can be fun.  Learn more about Science Magic.

Reading Magic encourages kids to turn off the TV and pick up a book.  Favorite characters from Amelia Bedelia to Curious George make their way into the show.  You’ll also see the hilarious “Harry Potter” routine for which Jeff was named Children’s Magic Champion at the Pacific Coast Association of Magicians’ 2000 convention.  A boy is dressed up as Harry complete with glasses, lighting bolt scar, and hair that won’t comb down.  You’ve never seen anyone have such a hard time holding onto a magic wand!  Learn more about Reading Magic.

Mission:  Possible builds kids up from the inside out, showing them the power of a positive attitude and self esteem.  This assembly approaches the subject of bullying in a way that makes this potentially intimidating subject fun.  Your students will return to their classrooms with techniques to avoid and prevent bullying that they can use immediately.  Learn more about Jeff's bully prevention program.

Quick Assembly Facts

recommended ages
recommended size
program length
set-up time
take-down time
grades K-6
up to 450 students
45 minutes
30 minutes
20 minutes


Prices & Block-Booking Discount

Prices are based on location and travel time.  Therefore, please contact Jeff for a specific price quote for your school.  Two back-to-back programs are recommended for schools with 450+ students.  This additional assembly is at a reduced special rate. 

Save Money with Jeff’s Block-Booking Discount
Get one other school in your area to team up for the same program on the same day, you EACH receive a 20% discount off the price of an assembly

Jeff is based in Olympia, Washington.  He performs primarily in Washington and Oregon, but can travel to your area as well.  Ask for details. 


Family Night Magic Shows

Any of Jeff’s assemblies can be presented as a Family Night program.  Or, have Jeff’s just-for-fun Family Night Magic Show.  Receive a special discount when you have Jeff for both an afternoon afternoon assembly AND an evening Family Night show.  The kids go home excited from the afternoon show and this greatly boosts attendance for the evening. 

All of Jeff’s shows (day and evening) include custom posters to help you promote the assembly or show.  This makes it easier to let your students (and families) know about the special event in advance.  Melissa Santiago, Cedar Valley Elementary P. T. A., writes, “The pre-made fliers were wonderful!  They made my job advertising so simple.”

Learn more about Jeff's Family Night Magic Shows.

Jeff’s Assemblies May be the
Easiest Program You’ll Ever Plan

Here’s why – Jeff’s assemblies are totally self-contained.  Included with the program is

  • The 45 minute motivational assembly
  • Tables, backdrop, and sound system (if required)
  • Professional wireless microphone and music on minidisc
  • Cones (to create an aisle or “stage”)
  • Custom posters to promote the program in advance
  • Fun-to-read introduction

All you provide is the gymnasium or multi-purpose room and your students.  A call from you takes care of everything.  (But you still take all the credit for planning a successful assembly.  Makes you feel guilty just thinking about it, doesn’t it?)

Check out Jeff's blog to see what he's been up to lately. 


PLUS – Class Activity Sheets

What good is a motivating program if kids aren’t given the tools they need to apply their energy?  Jeff’s Class Activity Sheets are designed to transfer the excitement from the assembly back to the classroom.  Each teacher receives a sheet with facts, questions, and projects dealing with concepts from the assembly.  The best part is that these Class Activity Sheets are included absolutely free. 

When was the last time your assembly program
came with a money-back guarantee

Each year Jeff performs 250+ live shows.  If you’re not completely satisfied with Jeff’s performance for your school, you pay what you feel it was worth.  What could be fairer than that? 

“This sounds great!   What do I do now?”

Now is the best time to schedule a great assembly.  Surf the site select from Science Magic, Reading Magic, Mission:  Possible, Family Night Magic Show, or an afternoon/evening combination. 

To learn more send e-mail to
or call toll free (877) 412-5064

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