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“How to Jumpstart Enthusiasm for
Your Library Programs”

No doubt about it… you’ve got a tough job.  Finding the best programs for your library– ones that will draw a full crowd from your community, hold the attention of the kids and parents, and promote the fun of reading – is a daunting task.  But, following some time-proven criteria can simplify your work and make the books fly off your shelves.  

A successful library presenter

·        Establishes good rapport with the audience,

·        Engages the crowd through interaction,

·        Captures the attention of the wide age range of reading program patrons, and

·        Encourages kids to learn and stimulate their imagination with books.

That might sound like a tall order… but THAT’S JEFF’S JOB!  Jeff presents for thousands of kids each week at school assemblies, community events, and libraries just like yours. 

Possibly the Easiest Program You’ll Hos

Custom posters are available free of charge and mailed in advance to build interest in the special program. 

You never need to worry about having the right equipment, because Jeff’s show is totally self-contained.  The day of the program Jeff arrives twenty minutes early and sets up his tables and sound system (if needed).  Cones create a “stage” and you even receive a fun-to-read introduction to make your job hassle-free.  Jeff takes control of the program so you can enjoy the show and get ready for the rush to the checkout counter. 

Best of the Best

Over the past dozen years, Jeff has received sixteen first place awards in magic competitions ranging from Calgary to Palm Springs.  Many of the routines he has performed have come directly from the shows offered to libraries.  Most recent recognitions include:

  • 2004 Stage Magic Champion
    Northwest Magic Jamboree, Oregon
  • Best Children’s Entertainer/2004 Best of South Sound Awards
    The Olympian newspaper

Additionally, the Pacific Coast Association of Magicians has named Jeff their
Children’s Entertainer Champion three consecutive times in the past. 


Themed Programs for Libraries

Choose from Jeff’s four themed programs including:

Each of the shows is totally unique, so they make great repeat bookings.  Or, you can have a just-for-fun performance.  Follow the text links above for descriptions of each program.  (Although the web pages are designed for elementary school assemblies, the programs for libraries are very similar.  Library programs in general don’t include the backdrop or “Class Activity Sheets.”) 



Top Reviews from Kids, Parents, and Librarians

Jeff has worked at nearly every branch of the Tacoma Public Library System, Pierce County Library System, Sno-Isle Library System, and King County Library System.  For three years he has been a featured presenter during the summer reading program for all twenty seven Timberland Regional Library branches.  For the past five years he has been selected as part of the King County Library System’s “Ready, Set, Read!” school visits. 

Nearly all of Jeff’s library shows are repeat engagements; in fact, this marks Jeff’s fifteenth year of one or more performances each year at the Lacey, Olympia, and Tumwater Timberland Libraries. 


Numerous references are available upon request.  Here are a few comments from previous library appearances. 

“I always know I can count on a quality program with lots of FUN for my kids!” 

-Laurin Linscott, Kent Regional Library


 “You held the kids (and adults) in the palm of your hand for the entire hour, and the way you worked the theme of reading into your show was – what else can I say – Magical!  It was an enchanting treat for all who attended the show.” 

-Peggy Tomasso, Stanwood Library


 “I enjoyed everything you did in the lunchroom.  I promise I will read for the rest of my life.”

-Cameron, Mountain View Elementary student


“Your lively assembly with the potent reading message was the best assembly I’ve seen in 27 years of teaching.  As a result 21 of my 22 children got their library cards.  Number 22 is working on his mom!”

-Pat Dahl, Chinook Elementary


“Both staff and students were raving about his performance!  They said it was the BEST Read Across America Assembly they had seen!”

-Kimberly Rose, Star Lake Elementary Librarian


“My office mate and her children were in your audience last night and she said they are still talking about how you do those things.  Her kindergarten son wants to go right to the library tonight to get magic books and they want to write you a letter.  So don't be surprised if you hear from a little girl and boy who are absolutely entranced with you:).  That's what I call a success!!”

-Kay Peters, Title 1, Shoreline Schools


“Jeff was fun, kid-friendly, and he gave a super assembly that really pumped the students up regarding reading!”

-Shelly Flaig, Jefferson Elementary


“I had one student come back to me the next day and say that he went straight to the public library, activated his card, and checked out a book on magic.  He was inspired!” 

-Urdene Rickard, St. Vincent de Paul School Librarian


“Your performance has instant and immediate appeal for all ages and your humor keeps everyone in tow.”

- Mie-Mie Wu, Kenmore Library


“Adults enjoyed the show as much, if not more, than the kids.”

- Adele Warsinske, White Center Library

“Here's a quote from a satisfied parent at our library program in Sumner.  ‘His show was so great, I didn't bother reading the book I brought with me!’  I've had lots of positive response from the parents after your program, like, "It's like finding that tape or CD that both kids and parents enjoy watching - adults have as much fun as the kids.’  ‘He really seems to be having as much fun as the kids.’
     -Catherine O'Brien, Sumner Library

“Thank YOU!  I can't heap enough praise on you for your performance and your graciousness with the kids.  You're unusually gifted with a great rapport with children.  Plus you're a darn good magician.  In fact, your shows are the best magic I've seen... ever!  Thanks so much for working with us.” 
-Pamela LaBorde, Ballard Library

“I wanted to thank you again for taking time out of your busy schedule to come to Burlington to entertain 208 people. I appreciated the promotional posters, your promptness, and the positive connections you made with the children. Your program flowed nicely and using audience participation added to the excitement.  The children and their parents clambered into the library after your performance to check out the magic books!!” 
-Lisa Anderson, Burlington Library

Block Booking Rate

Libraries are encouraged to coordinate for same-day performances of the same program to get the best rates.  With almost no effort, you’ll be set up for a fun show that drives home the importance of reading and brings kids to your library.

To learn more send e-mail to
or call toll free (877) 412-5064

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