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Stop bullying with this school assembly program teaching kids techniques that they can use immediately.

Assembly Program Makes
Your Students Bully-Proof!

As you know, bullying is a hot topic right now.  Jeff Evans’ assembly approaches the subject in a way that makes this potentially intimidating subject fun.  Students are chosen to play the role of bullies and attempt to provoke and tease me.  Yet, simple responses show kids that they are in charge of their emotions.  Your students will return to their classrooms with techniques to avoid and prevent bullying that they can use immediately.   

Mission:  Possible builds kids up from the inside out, showing them the power of a positive attitude and self esteem.  Jeff shares inspirational stories about legends from Abraham Lincoln and Helen Keller to Lance Armstrong. 

Your teachers all receive free custom-designed Class Activity Sheets with projects and “things to think about” for students.  Tips for preventing bullying and dealing with bullies are included.  This makes it easy to transition from the assembly back to the classroom, and gives teachers maximum value from the program. 

Principal Don Garrick of Clover Creek Elementary talks about Jeff's assembly programs. 

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Students take part in role-playing to teach them how to prevent and stop bullying.

All of Jeff's programs are backed by his

Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee

This assembly teaching the lifetime skills of a positive attitude and how to respect yourself and others may be the most important assembly you’ll host all year.  And, your students will have a great time in the process, guaranteed, or you don’t pay! 

“Thank you for another fantastic assembly!  You light a fire under students and inspire many ‘magical’ moments in their lives.  Mission:  Possible fit our school’s focus perfectly.”

     -Theresa Kingma, Happy Valley Elementary


Jeff visits elementary schools throughout Washington and Oregon.

One of the easiest assemblies you’ll host… ever.

Jeff provides his own tables, wireless microphone, show music on minidisc, portable backdrop, and even cones to create an aisle.  You receive custom fliers in advance to let students know about the special program.  Class Activity Sheets are provided the day of the program.  You even get a fun-to-read introduction so you don’t have to make something up.  In other words, Jeff takes control of the assembly so you don’t have to worry about anything. 

Your students will be spellbound.  (And, it’s easy to get information into their brains when you have their eyes and ears!)  Schools occasionally ask if their fifth and sixth grades will enjoy the program as much as the younger grades.  Apparently they have had programs that were not “cool” enough for their upper grades in the past.  What you’ll find is that Jeff’s program reaches a wide range of ages and is ideal for K-6 audiences. 

Mission:  Possible is also an excellent evening Family Night show.  After visiting Lincoln Elementary, teacher Valerie Foulds writes, “They are still talking about it!  The kids loved having all of the interaction.  Even my son, who is thirteen years old, was like, ‘WOW, how did he do that?’”

Prices and Block-Booking Discoun

Please contact Jeff below for prices and availability.  Here’s how you can save on your program:  get another school in your area to coordinate and have the same program on the same day, and you each save 20% off the cost of an assembly.  It’s a win-win situation, so have another local school in mind you might be able to contact. 

Remember, you receive

·        Jeff’s teacher-and-kid-approved assembly (possibly the easiest one you’ll host!)

·        Custom posters to promote the program

·        Free “Class Activity Sheets” for teachers transfer excitement back to the class

·        Experience and professionalism that comes from 250+ live shows each year

  • Absolute “Money-Back if You’re Not Thrilled” Guarantee

Mission:  Possible can also be held as a Family Night program. 

Jeff is based in Olympia and performs for schools in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. 

To learn more about bringing this teacher-and
-student-approved program to your school,
send e-mail to
or call toll free (877) 412-5064

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