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Reading Magic school assembly encourages kids to pick up books and turn off the TV.

The perfect way to motivate and reward your
students as part of your Reading Program

Schools invite Jeff to tie into their Accelerated Reader program, celebrate National Children's Book Week, combine with their Book Fair, and more.  

The best assembly programs are hard to find.  You know… a program that delivers a powerful educational message, yet is also incredibly entertaining. In the best cases, the motivation to learn carries on long after the show is over. For some students a great program infuses them with the desire to learn—it can be a turning point in their life.

Count on Jeff Evans to deliver just that kind of assembly program for your school. 

Jeff’s Reading Magic assembly encourages children to enjoy reading for a lifetime. Students help return an overdue book and see what makes a library card like a magic wand. Curious George appears to perform the "World Famous Banana Trick." You'll see jaws drop when Jeff shows how reading helps solve the puzzling Rubik's Cube.

In Jeff's latest routine, a volunteer is transported to Hogwarts for a hilarious Harry Potter scene (complete with wig, glasses, and lighting bolt scar). You've never seen anyone have such a hard time holding onto a magic wand!

It's a lot of fun, but most importantly the benefits of reading are woven throughout the show. Your students will be excited to try out the "magic numbers" of the Dewey Decimal system at your library. 

Listen to reviews from library patrons for Jeff's magic programs. 

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Jeff's reading-motivational programs for libraries and schools recieve top reviews from kids, teachers, and parents.    Each year around March 2 schools and libraries celebrate Dr. Seuss' birthday with "Read Across America."  Jeff's show with Dr. Seuss-themed magic is a perfect fit for your events.    

So Much Fun the Kids Don’t
Even Know They’re Learning 

Your students will be mesmerized throughout the show. You’ll know you’ve chosen the right program when you see their faces register amazement one moment, only to explode into laughter the next.

This same sense of excitement is naturally transferred to the subject of the show, in this case the fun of exploring by reading. 


Their Enthusiasm Won’t Vanish
When the Show Ends

The number one concern of many assembly planners is whether a program will have any lasting effect. That’s where my assembly programs will really thrill you. First, as I mentioned above, the magic really captures the students’ interest.  Kids love magic so the built-in fascination with the show is naturally transferred to the content of the show.

More importantly, the educational message is combined with the magic, making it memorable for your students.  After visiting the St. Vincent de Paul School with my Reading Magic show, school librarian Urdene Rickard writes,

"I had one student come back to me the next day and say that he went straight to the public library, activated his card, and checked out a book on magic.  He was inspired! "

Then, to keep the fire alive, I’ll provide each of your teachers with a “Class Activity Sheet” that can be used in their classrooms. The fun facts, projects, and puzzles pick up where the performance ends and transfer excitement back to the classroom.  Students learn more when they are actively involved than any other way. The best part is that these Class Activity Sheets are provided absolutely free.


Consider again all that you receive from Jeff’s program: 

  • Performances that are audience tested in front of thousands of kids each week
  • Performances that receive rave reviews from educators and students
  • Interactive magic with a strong reading motivational message
  • Free Class Activity Sheets to keep the learning process going
  • Absolute “Money-Back if You’re Not Thrilled” Guarantee

Jeff is based in Olympia and performs for schools in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. 

To learn more about bringing this teacher-and
-student-approved program to your school,
send e-mail to
or call toll free (877) 412-5064

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