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Science fair assemblies, kick-off programs, and classroom science workshops with Jeff Evans

“You’ll feel great knowing you have
a top-notch science assembly program that
motivates kids to explore science on their own.”

Matter can change forms depending on temperature and pressure.  Here dry ice changes from solid to a gas (sublimation) with hot water.   Air pressure is explained then students learn a neat demonstration they can duplicate at home and fool just about any adult!

Science Magic is an interactive mix of science and magic. Students are exposed to the characteristics of solids, liquids, and gases. The properties of air pressure, static electricity, center of mass, and density are visually demonstrated.

The students howl with laughter when a borrowed dollar bill shrinks to miniature size as Jeff discusses expansion and contraction. It's the staff's turn to react when a teacher's ring is "ground to pieces" in a demonstration of a simple electronic circuit gone wrong. Of course, everything is put back to normal and the helpers return to their seats as heroes.

Some experiments can be duplicated at home or in the classroom. This assembly is an ideal lead-in or culmination to your science fair, or just as a way to show students that learning can be fun.  


“But will my students really
get motivated to learn???”

Center of mass, balance, gravity, and more are explored in Jeff's Science Magic Show and Workshop.Good question—Michael T. Simmons Elementary in Tumwater, Washington invited me to kick off their Science Fair with my Science Magic assembly.  Principal Chris Sharp estimates that 50 kids participated last year, but due to my efforts and motivation, 70 kids were involved this year. That’s a 40% increase!

Their enthusiasm won’t end when the show ends.  The number one concern of many assembly planners is whether a program will have any lasting effect. That’s where Jeff’s assembly programs will really thrill you. First, magic captures the students’ interest. Kids love magic so there’s a built-in fascination that is naturally transferred to the subject of the show.


Susan Peterson, East Port Orchard Elementary teacher, writes, “I have heard nothing but the highest praise for your show.  We do want to schedule you for next year!”  Mary Nelson, Mark Twain Elementary Principal, adds, " The students were mesmerized by your artful blend of science and magic."  


Then, to keep the fire alive, each of your teachers receives a “Science Magic Class Activity Sheet” that can be used in their classrooms. These projects reinforce the concepts taught in the assembly. The fun questions, facts, and puzzles pick right up where the performance ends. 

Hear what Alan Sall with the Monroe School District says about Jeff's Science Magic. 

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Students learn more when they are actively involved than any other way. The best part is that these Class Activity Sheets are provided absolutely free. 

This may be the easiest assembly you’ll host all year.
(So easy you may feel guilty about all the
praise you get for putting it together!)

Planning assemblies is the smallest of your responsibilities.  That’s why Jeff wants to make it as easy as possible for you to become a hero to your school.  Once the date is set, your job is done.   Within a few days you’ll receive a letter confirming all the assembly details.  Custom posters are mailed to your school two weeks in advance to build interest in the special program.

The day of the show Jeff arrives a half hour early and set up his microphone, backdrop, and tables for the performance.  You even get a fun-to-read introduction. Your job will be hassle-free

Jeff is based in Olympia and performs for schools throughout Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. 

View more Science Magic videos on Jeff's YouTube channel. 

To learn more about bringing this teacher-and
-student-approved program to your school,
send e-mail to
or call toll free (877) 412-5064

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