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Inspired by the Harry Potter series, you'll love the unexpected things taht happen when Jeff combines imagination with the power of magic!

“Secrets of Wizards” Casts Spell
on Young Readers

The Harry Potter phenomona has propelled reading and magic to new popularity.  Jeff Evans’ Secrets of Wizards show is inspired by J. K. Rowling’s books and features themes from her stories. 

Secrets of Wizards includes

  • a trip to the enchanted forest where kids learn how to hypnotize a giant slug
  • Sparky, the trained chicken who nibbles a spectator’s finger
  • learning the “magic numbers” 793.8 to enter through secret doors 
  • a framed picture guarding the library that comes to life, moves her eyes, and talks to the audience (kids will freak out!)
  • Jeff’s “Harry Potter Prediction” routine, for which he was named Children’s Magic Champion at the Pacific Coast Association of Magicians convention in Portland
  • a volunteer from the audience suffers a terrible paper cut (!), but the wound is restored using the “Elixer of Life” – part of the act for which Jeff was named Children’s Magic Champion at the Pacific Coast Association of Magicians convention in Palm Springs

It’s magic, puppetry, ventriloquism, danger, the unexpected, and laugh-out-loud fun all rolled into one show!  Even if kids are beginning readers or haven’t read the Harry Potter stories, they will still love the magic and comedy.  The benefits of reading are built into the show to motivate kids to unlock the magic of books

“He gave a performance that had the boys rolling on the floor, the girls giggling and the adults guffawing.  It was a laugh a minute!  Jeff has a magic touch with children and knows how to make them laugh!” 
     -Patricia Richardson, Sammamish Library

Most importantly, it’s a great way to get families into your library to check out your Harry Potter series, fantasy books, magic books, and more. 

Bookstores:  Promote Jeff’s show as
a special event and bring in the crowds. 

Increased traffic and publicity are good, but sales are king in any business.  Jeff is always happy to promote your titles that tie in with the theme of the show.  This special event is designed not only to get more and new people into your store, but also to get them excited about the magic of books and make a purchase. 

When you schedule your program, consider having these items available:

  • A display of Harry Potter books
  • Harry Potter Movie Posters
  • H. P. “Quidditch” Playing Card game
  • H. P. stamps, stickers, pens, etc.
  • Magic Books
  • Magic Kits
  • Magic Videos (instructional tapes)
  • Other popular fantasy stories – i.e., Chronicles of Narnia, Redwall, Time Warp Trio, A Wrinkle in Time, etc. 


“I always know I can count on a quality program with lots of FUN for my kids!” 
-Laurin Linscott, Kent Regional Library

While you are bringing traffic into your store, you can also:

  • Encourage children to visit your bookstore on a regular basis. 
  • Promote your other programs. 
  • Start a “Young Wizards Club” to discuss favorite fantasy books
  • Start an online chat room for an alternate way for patrons to discuss books. 
  • Have a drawing for a free book or discount coupon
  • Have a drawing for movie tickets to an upcoming H. P. movie
  • Invite patrons to join your “Magic Reading Club” and receive special member-only offers for books, pre-release offers, etc. 

In other words, Jeff’s performance can be a powerful marketing tool for you that generates income and repeat business for a long time to come. 

Jeff is based in Olympia and performs throughout Washington and Oregon.  Libraries are encouraged to coordinate for same-day performances of the same program to get the best rates. 

To learn more, send e-mail to
or call toll free (877) 412-5064

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