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Download your Levitating Magician here

Levitating Magician
Defy gravity with this stunt based on the scientific principal of center of mass.

A cut-out of Jeff Evans remains suspended horizontally while supported only beneath the head.

Pennies that you add to the cut-out make the magician balance in an unexpected way. If the audience doesn’t know about your special addition, they will be puzzled!

Download your "Levitating Magician" PDF by clicking here.  If you would like to save it to your hard drive, right mouse click, choose "save as", and select a location on your hard drive (file size 667 KB).  The file can be printed whenever you want by opening the PDF file. 

Print this onto cardstock.  Or, print onto standard paper and then glue onto a heavier paper or even thin cardboard like a cereal box. 


Stay tuned!  Posters and autographed photos to follow....

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