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Jeff Evans is a full-time entertainer whose career in magic began sixteen years ago from a book of coin tricks at his grandparents’ house. He works extensively throughout the Pacific Northwest and beyond, performing in a variety of venues from private parties and corporate events to schools and festivals.  Experience earned from over 300 shows per year gives Jeff the skills and adaptability to work with pretty much any situation he finds himself in.

Many Fortune 500 companies call on Jeff to perform for their events.  Boeing, Microsoft, Pepsi Cola, and R. E. I. are just a few of his repeat clients.  Jeff’s friendly and relaxed style wins audiences of a huge range of demographics over. It’s hard to believe that someone so genuinely nice can also be devastatingly sneaky…

Jeff designs and creates many of his routines. Audiences know that they’re not just watching “another magician.” His original routines have been printed in magic magazines including Genii, The Linking Ring, and M.U.M.  And, he frequently creates custom routines for clients and special events to fit a theme or involve a company or sponsor.

The toughest magic critics agree! Over the past three decades, Jeff has earned thirteen first-place finishes at regional magic competitions ranging from Calgary to Palm Springs. He has served as president of the Tacoma Magic Club and the Pacific Coast Association of Magicians. He’s constantly working on new routines and creations and loves the art of magic!

Hobbies outside of his profession include cycling, hiking, and kayaking. In high school he obtained his ham radio license and talked with other ham operators around the world. After college he became interested in taekwondo and earned his black belt. He continues participating in jiu-jitsu on a casual basis. Fun facts: Jeff has summited Mount Rainier and completed the Seattle to Portland bike ride. He can communicate in Morse Code. And, he can say the ABCs, backwards, in less than five seconds. 


[Jeff will provide the emcee with a printed Introduction the day of the performance. This is a sample.]

Our entertainment today is magician Jeff Evans. This guy has won dozens of awards for his creative performances, including Magician of the Year from the Vancouver Magic Circle and Stage Magic Champion from the Pacific Coast Association of Magicians. Two consecutive years ParentMap Magazine awarded him a Golden Teddy for “Best Live Entertainment” and his peers in magic named him “Seattle’s Funniest Magician.”

But all of these accolades pale next to his most prestigious award of all: the 2009 Best-Kept Lawn in Thurston County.

Please welcome Jeff Evans with a huge round of applause!

Tech Requirements

Jeff travels with his own professional wireless microphones (one headset, one handheld) and show music cued by remote to plug into the venue’s sound system. Please provide at least one XLR or 1/4″ input to the audio mixer. If you have a sound tech who will be monitoring the audio and adjusting levels, please provide three XLR inputs so the two microphones and one music track can be individually adjusted. Jeff can also provide his own professional sound system if needed (additional fee).

Lighting is important for a stand-up or stage show. A follow spot is not required, but good wash lighting for the stage or platform is highly recommended. Banquet lighting is frequently less-than-adequate and lighting on the stage area is important to help focus attention.

Jeff can travel with his own compact lights on stands to help with illumination (additional fee).

Stage or Platform
A stage or platform is highly recommended for groups of 75+ people. It makes it easier for people at the back of the room to see and enjoy the show. Ideal size is 8′ deep by 12′ wide (or larger). A smaller stage/platform may still be usable; however, keep in mind that the stage is for several tables as well as Jeff and audience participants during the performance.

Due to the interactive nature of Jeff’s shows, be sure there is easy access (stairs) for the stage. Please arrange seating as close as possible to the performer. Closer is better! A large empty space or dance floor between Jeff and the audience makes it difficult for people to enjoy the experience.



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A deposit is generally required upon booking the event to confirm your reservation with the balance due in full the day of the event. Cash and checks are welcome for in-person payments. You’re welcome to pay digitally with PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, or the Cash app. (Ask Jeff for account information.)

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Contact Information

landline: (360) 412-5064
cell: (253) 988-6563

Mailing address:
2423 Abernethy Rd NE
Olympia, WA 98516

Call Jeff toll-free (877) 412-5064 or e-mail with any additional questions or if you need more resources