Motivational-Magic School Assembly
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School assembly magician Jeff Evans visits Coe Elementary in Seattle with his Science Magic program

“I’ve taught at this level for 23 years and sat through many assemblies. Jeff Evans, by far, gets a ’10’ for his performance and engagement with the children.”

     -Carolyn Candy, teacher, Chautauqua Elementary



Since 1996 Jeff Evans has presented thousands of school assemblies and library programs throughout the Pacific Northwest. Choose from his motivational- magic programs Reading Magic, Science Magic, and No Bullies Allowed. These assemblies are designed for elementary schools and are perfect for tying into your current curriculum. His just-for-fun Family Night Magic Show brings the students and parents of your school together for an evening of amazement.

Jeff is seen by thousands of kids each week so his shows are always honed to their best. No wonder that students, staff, and parents want to bring him back year after year. And, many schools do just that! 



Jeff Evans’ motivational Reading Magic assembly program encourages children to enjoy reading for a lifetime. Students help Jeff return an overdue book and see what makes a library card like a magic wand.  Curious George appears to perform the “World Famous Banana Trick.”  You’ll see jaws drop when Jeff shows how reading helps solve the puzzling Rubik’s Cube.

Reading Magic encourages kids to turn off the TV and tune in to the fun and thrill of reading books. In addition to being a ton of fun, the benefits of reading are woven throughout the show. Your students will be excited to try out the “magic numbers” of the Dewey Decimal system at your library.

Jeff is a regular performer at public libraries throughout Washington and Oregon, performing annually for Summer Reading Programs and adapting his show to fit various themes over the years. Schools and PTAs also invite Jeff for special events like Read Across America and Book Fairs, making his performances a beloved fixture in promoting literacy and love for books among children.

“Thank you so very much for another wonderful performance!  Adults and the students just love your show(s)!”
   -Wendy Logan, Browns Point Elementary PTA

“Another great show!  You really have a way of drawing them in and winning them over!”
   -Eilene Glasgow, Meridian School teacher

“I had one student come back to me the next day and say that he went straight to the public library, activated his card, and checked out a book on magic.  He was inspired!”
   -Urdene Rickard, librarian, St. Vincent de Paul School



Assembly planners:  Are you looking for a super-fun way to kick off your STEM curriculum or school Science Fair?  Read on…

Jeff Evans’ Science Magic assembly is an interactive mix of science and magic. Students learn about the characteristics of solids, liquids, and gases.  The properties of air pressure, static electricity, center of mass, and density are visually demonstrated. They’ll learn how to “hypnotize catsup”, inflate a balloon trapped inside a plastic bottle, and cause water and oil to change places.

Students are fully focused watching “exploding film canisters” while learning about Isaac Newtons’ Laws of Motion. More importantly, they’ll be learning the scientific principals behind this super-cool science in a way that, hopefully, will transfer the fun and thrill of learning back to the classroom!

Students are wowed by exploding film canisters while learning about Newton's Laws of Motion
Students are wowed by exploding film canisters while learning about Newton's Laws of Motion
Dry ice sublimates from solid to gas form in Jeff's Science Magic show at Coe Elementary in Seattle
Dry ice sublimates from solid to gas form in Jeff's Science Magic show at Coe Elementary in Seattle

“The word from the children was “this was the best assembly EVER!” The parents, teachers and staff all agree with the children, you were extremely entertaining.”
     -Wendy Logan, Browns Point Elementary PTA

“I have heard nothing but the highest praise for your show.  We do want to schedule you for next year!”
     -Susan Peterson, East Port Orchard Elementary teacher

“That was the best magic show ever!  I never knew so many things about science.”
     -Nicole Strehle, Esquire Hills Elementary student

“I just wanted to say how very much we enjoyed your assembly.  In 16? 17? years of teaching, it was one of the very best assemblies I’ve been to. The kids were totally entertained, enthralled, and educated, too.  You really motivated them with your take-home experiments.  Thank you, thank you!”
   -Kathi MacDonald, Penny Creek Elementary teacher

“Jeff inspired both students and teachers in his unique method of instructing fundamental science concepts using the mystery of magic.  Students and teachers cheered at his captivating demonstrations.  Jeff’s program left students and teachers excited as they pondered his Science Magic. “
   -Gregory Kroll, Mt. View Elementary teacher

No Bullies


This bully prevention assembly may be the most important program you host all year.

Bullying is always an important issue. Jeff Evans’ “No Bullies Allowed” assembly tackles this challenging topic in an engaging and approachable manner. Through this program, students:

  •    * Discover how a positive attitude can transform confrontations into friendships.
  •    * Are challenged to give a “warm fuzzy” and do something nice for someone and see the magic for themselves.
       * Learn simple responses that keep them in charge of their emotions.
  •    * Discuss the difference between tattling and reporting.
  •    * Know when to handle a little problem yourself and when to ask a teacher or an adult for help.
  •    * Become upstanders – rather than bystanders – and help prevent and stop bullying.

The assembly utilizes magic, audience interaction, storytelling, and humor to effectively communicate these concepts, making the learning experience memorable. Students leave with practical, immediately applicable strategies to combat bullying, aligning with recommended school policies.

Jeff and students role-play bullying situations during his "No Bullies Allowed" school assembly program
Students are engaged and remember the lessons from Jeff's assembly program

“Warm fuzzies have become a part of our everyday language in our classroom.  Whenever someone does or says something nice, we complement them on giving a warm fuzzy.  Many teachers have been using some of the quotes used during the bully role playing game as a way of teaching coping strategies to their students.”
     -Jennifer Walsh, teacher, McMicken Heights Elementary, Burien

“Everyone loved you, as always. The principal, who hadn’t been lucky enough to see one of your shows before, was incredibly impressed (she’s a former drama teacher, and she’s not easy to impress!) She said that the staff was raving about how great your assembly was. She also said that you really made an impact on a couple of students who really needed to absorb that message!”
     -Beth Agnew, PTA, Saltar’s Point Elementary, Steilacoom



Jeff Evans’ Family Night Magic Show is a performance that brings the children and parents of your school together for an evening of magic.  This show is completely different than any of Jeff’s motivational assemblies, so it makes a great companion show. 

This is the show that makes kids and adults want to be in the same room together. 

A lifetime of doing magic for all ages means this experience has something for all ages. Yes, there’s some corny kidshow gags, but also some serious sleight of hand and mind-blowing mentalism to keep everyone’s attention. Pair an afternoon educational-themed show with the Family Night Magic Show for a special discount and to guarantee a full house for the evening show.

Of course your PTA or Booster Club is welcome to charge admission and sell concessions to more than offset the cost of this program. 

Packed house at Washington Elementary in Tacoma for a Family Night Magic Show
Packed house at Washington Elementary in Tacoma for a Family Night Magic Show

“Wow! What an exciting and unbelievable show. Our kids, and parents, had nothing but positive comments. We even had another school contact us about Jeff as they heard what a great family night event Jeff presented.”
-Tammy Strampe, Highland Hills PTA

“I was thrilled with the response! We have never had so many people attend one of our Family Enrichment Nights! I think doing the assembly during the day really boosted our attendance in the evening. The kids obviously loved your performance! It was great for all ages. My four-year-old and my 10-year-old both loved it! Jacob said when we got home, “Mom, that guy was magic!” Gavin took his magic book to school so he could read it during the day. He loved your performance too and said how much his friends loved it. In fact, he said his friends think I am a cool Mom because I brought you to the school. Thanks again. I am so glad we had you come.”
-Shelly Smith, Cedar Valley PTA

Parent & Teacher


“We have received nothing but positive feedback and “kudos” for the assembly, as well as Science & Math night from teachers, parents and most importantly, our students. Your energy and quick wit captivates the audience in seconds, and the fact you are able to weave science knowledge in with magic is beyond entertaining. There were times that I laughed so hard I cried from pure amusement!!”
     -Heather Fleiner, High Lakes PTA

“You held the kids (and adults) in the palm of your hand for the entire hour, and the way you worked the theme of reading into your show was – what else can I say – Magical! It was an enchanting treat for all who attended the show.”
     -Peggy Tomasso, Stanwood Library

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